Motion Manpower Service provides security services to wide base of customers ranging from Hospitals , Societies , Schools , Collages , Factories  to banks as per their needs. We have a team of adept professionals who have been working diligently for years and are fully committed to their duties so that you can live and work in a safe environment. Our team is well-trained, physically fit, disciplined and professionally trained to perform a wide range of security functions such as:

  • Prevent fire and safety hazards
  • Proper badge identification, passes, and materials releases
  • Prevent theft safeguarding client’s property.
  • Check on malicious activities and proper reporting

When it comes to security services, we should never let our guard down, it’s a matter of our and our loved ones’ well-being. At Chaukas group, we have devised, custom-made security solutions for each and every requirement of our clients. Committed to providing the best-in-class security services to all our customer, we engage with residential, corporate and industrial clients. Our well-trained security guards promise to strengthen the surveillance system of our customers and safeguard their valuable assets. Our employee based are well-qualified to provide faster turnaround in order to resolve the matter at hand in the shortest span of time. This top-of-the-line work quality ensures best customer experience and support.